Pest Proofing

Keep your premises free from pest infestations for the long term.


When you’ve got a pest infestation, you’ll want to deal with the creatures that are invading your property as quickly as possible.

Dealing with the immediate problem is only one part of dealing with a pest infestation and pest proofing is an essential part of the process to ensure you keep the pesky pests out for the long term.

As such, at Andrew’s Pests and Gardens we offer a comprehensives pest proofing service.

There are a number of different species that we can proof your property against. Of course, the biggest problem we face is often rodents. It’s not a new problem, we’ve been living with and combatting rodents for millennia.

Rats and mice, and many of pests rapidly reproduce and can make their way into some of smallest spaces.

Whilst we carry out pest control on your property, it’s much better if we can prevent pest ingress in the first place.